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Our Strategy:
High-Quality Off-the-Shelf Training for Less than Custom

Alphie creates training based on the latest science and medicine. We take the time to do deep instructional design, with logical ordering, analogies, and "ah-ha" moment visuals. You pay less for high-quality training that's off-the-shelf—saving time and money. 

For years, life sciences companies have paid for custom background training to prepare commercial teams for launch. Alphie's experts have watched the same training topics created again and again, with hours of clients' time spent reviewing. In some cases, great teams create mediocre training as they rush to meet product launch readiness deadlines. 

Our training is ready-to-go, and because we own the copyright, it’s cost-effective. We're also happy to add proprietary content and design elements for your team's eyes only and help move the semi-custom result through your organization's review process. 

Our Founder

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Ann Hill has created life sciences training for more than 20 years, including educational resources for more than 150 biopharmaceutical products and medical devices.
Her time as a manager, instructional designer, and medical writer has given Ann a view into learning & development best practices across the life sciences industry and at all stages of the product life cycle.