Who's Alphie?

Hi. I’m Ann (not Alphie). You may be wondering—who the heck is Alphie? When I decided to form a company that creates off-the-shelf training for the life sciences, I asked myself: what would I want to be to my clients? The answer was simple: the trainer’s best friend! And YES, I’m a dog person (and a cat person, and a tortoise person—I tend to like living things).

I’ve spent a good part of the last 20 years working beside pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device teams creating training and communications. I’ve helped move 500+ pages of content through regulatory approval over a PDUFA weekend and adjusted an entire learning program after the FDA struck the data of 5 clinical trials from the label—changing the indication at approval. I’ve come to respect the qualities that make a good partner in creating training and doing business: loyal, reliable, smart, friendly, responsive, FUN….

I’ve also met some amazing people in the biopharmaceutical industry, including many who demonstrate repeated grace under pressure. When a product launch is on the line, trainers, marketers, and leaders “put out fires”—usually with a smile. Dalmatians are the traditional companions of fire fighters because they would rush out ahead, clearing the path for horse-drawn fire carts. Alphie strives to support your business by creating high-quality, cost-effective, ready-to-go training. We dash out ahead with engaging background training that moves your organization towards its sales and professional development goals. We’re loyal, reliable, smart, friendly, responsive, and yes, playful and FUN, and we hope to be your best friend in life sciences training.