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Fast, Simple, and Fun

At Alphie, we're on the learner's side. We take complex medical and scientific topics and explain them in clear, simple language with a logical flow that speeds learning. We sprinkle a dash of fun into sometimes heavily technical topics with appealing design, “ah-ha!” visuals, storytelling, and real-world anecdotes.

All content is self-guided, so learners can speed through when reviewing, search for key concepts, or absorb new information at their own pace, step by step.

Why Off-the-Shelf Training?

Because Alphie creates training independent of your commercial efforts and retains the copyright, some clients have found our training does not need to undergo medical-legal-regulatory review or may go through an abbreviated review process. We’re happy to meet with your review team and discuss your options.

Coming Soon!

Products that will be released this quarter:

  • ImmunoOncology Backgrounder

  • Biologics and Protein Therapies Backgrounder

  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Introduction to the Medical Device Industry


Products for release next quarter include:

  • Genetics Backgrounder

  • Introduction to Clinical Trials

  • Oncology Care Team Backgrounder

  • Immune System Anatomy & Physiology

Future Looks Bright!

Products on the horizon at Alphie include:

  • Advanced Clinical Trial Design & Statistics

  • Ophthalmic Anatomy & Physiology

  • Infectious Disease Backgrounder

  • Hematology Backgrounder

  • Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology

Let’s Talk!

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We can move the training you need from the back-burner to the front!